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unheard ofs and forgotten abouts

150 SEK
On this, the first release on Frank Fairfield s Tompkins Square imprint, Pawn Records, Fairfield
presents an exciting collection of reissued recordings from his personal 78 rpm record collection.
It provides a broad view of the Gramophone era , specifically concerning the recording of vernacular
music from around the world: from Atlanta, Georgia to Kisumu, Kenya; from the 10 s to the 60 s.
The records have been beautifully transferred by the highly respected record collector and producer
Michael Kieffer.
Frank s self-titled debut album on Tompkins Square has won over fans like Greil Marcus and Ry
Cooder, and landed Frank opening spots for Fleet Foxes and Brendan Benson. Pitchfork recently
ran an extensive interview with Frank in their new column The Out Door, and he s been a staple
on Greg Vandy s show on KEXP, Seattle.