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the shindig guide to spacerock

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A 168-pages book in full colour. Take a trip into the outer cosmos with the Shindig! Guide To Spacerock, which traces the genre's peculiar mix of heavy riffs and electronics through the age of the space race, the resulting sci-fi explosion and the key influence of acid-inspired mind expansion. This bookazine traces spacerock back to its roots with the soundtracks of the '50s including Louis and Bebe Barron's 'FORBIDDEN PLANET' through to the incredible work of JOE MEEK on the 'I Hear A New World' LP. In addition, it covers the background context of the moon landings, sci-fi literature and the spaced-out cinema that shaped the end of the '60s. In this environment came early spacerock efforts from THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, PINK FLOYD,
THE BYRDS and THE BEATLES. One band arrived at the close of the decade to define the genre: HAWKWIND. Just as influential in their own idiosyncratic way were GONG with their 'Radio Gnome'
trilogy. Several artists pursued the electronic side of spacerock, such as SILVER APPLES, WHITE NOISE and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The Germans also produced their own unique contributions to the idiom with CAN, TANGERINE DREAM and AMON DUUL II. At the close of the '70s several artists such as CHROME utilised the punk spirit to reinvigorate spacerock. The bookazine will take the genre through the '80s and '90s with OZRIC TENTACLES and the cross pollination of the indie scene with SPACEMEN 3 and SPIRITUALIZED. Taking things up to present day we will also feature the likes of ASTRA, THE HEADS and WHITE HILLS. There will also be numerous diversions through key obscurities of the genre as well as the spacerock exploits of the likes of DAVID BOWIE, YES and RUSH.