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the return of the incredible bongo band

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The Incredible Bongo Band is a blend of many multi-talented people. All of the musicians who contributed to the making of this album cannot be listed because of their contractual ties to other labels. 
The making of the album in Vancouver served as a retreat for a group of weary super and superstar musicians who combined with many of Canada's finest on this album. 
A few of the featured musicians include: 
Jim Gordon; Ringo Starr has said, ''Jim is one of the three finest drummers in the world'', (the other two are probably Jim Keltner and Ringo). he has been a member of ''Traffic'' and ''Derek and the Dominoes'' and a regular part of such supergroups as ''Bread''. Jim composed ''Layla'', and contributed to many smash hits. 
King Errisson is probably the best percussionist in the world. His bongo and conga playing has contributed to the success of literaly hundreds of hit records, including all the Jackson Five hits, and, in fact, the majority of Motown chart winners over the past seven years. King has toured with Diana Ross and he is truly one of the most colorful musicians in the world today. 
Steve Douglas is an immigrated Canadian citizen who loves Canada and doesn't miss the L.A. rat race at all. He is one of the most talented horn men in the world. Steve's experiments with electronic horns, flutes, etc. are truly unequalled. As a producer, Steve is one of the most respected in the states, having chalked up gold records with ''The Lettermen'' and other groups. 
Perry Botkin Jr. is a multi-talented triple threat. Perry is a writer, musician and producer of the highest order, who recently received and Academy Award nomination for ''Bless the Beasts and the Children'' (he lost to Isaac Hayes ''Shaft''). He started as a member of ''Cheers'' (black denim trousers and motorcycle boots) and is responsible for dozens of hits for such groups as ''The Lettermen'', ''Vanity Fair'' and Ed Ames'. He has written and worked with such superstars as Harry Nilsson. 
Michael Viner formed ''The Incredible Bongo Band'' to be a musical forum for himself and his friends to work with people who like working with one another.Their objective is to try musical ideas, while having fun at the same time. ''The Bongo Band'' has picked up ideas from a multitude of friends ranging from Harry Nilsson to Ringo Starr. Mike Deasy, who played with Elvis Presley for many years, made a large contribution to this album. There are plans to record part of the next album in England with the London Symphony Orchestra. ''The Incredible Bongo Band's'' first single, ''Bongo Rock'' is close to two million sales worldwide and is still one of the most popular discotheque records in the world. 
This new album is filled with sounds and new directions. 
We hope you like it!