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revl9n /walking down the heat 12 inch

99 SEK
The heat Revl9n walk down is away from the high street. The route they’ve taken is full of twists and turns, through a city where life is chaotic, edgy and electrifying.

From the early garage punk roots in the late nineties, founder members Maria Eilersen and Nandor Hegedüs have turned away from the easy path, refused the straight line. Each phase of their musical trajectory has been marked by radical changes, via twisted funk, angular electronics, to today’s fuller, epic and emotional sound.

The new direction began last year when Maria and Nandor were booked for their first gig for some time and once again felt the urge to try something new, something different from their previous stripped down backing track augmented performances as a two piece. Nils Pyk brought his frenetic and urgent drum skills, joined a week later by Martin Hagrot, who added his razor-edged guitars to the mix. The combination was such a success that it was an inevitable decision for the four of them to write and record as a full band.

The first output of the new line-up is a new EP “Night Rider” on March 14th, followed by a long-player “Walking down the heat” in April. This is the sound of neon-soaked cab rides in search of cheap thrills, of lives full of sex and frustration, danger and euphoria. It’s a scream in the dark, a howl from the heart, an absolute rush.

- Robert McTaggart, København, March 2012