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java java-volume 2

249 SEK
'Indonesia Screaming Fuzz'. Here's the second batch of crazy fuzz, screaming and rock'n'roll from the land of the big dragon. This second volume brings a more raw, crazy garage and killer tracks than the first volume. The Rollies, Trio Visca, Peels, White Waves or Djah Iskandar are some of the names for this volume. Loved the first one? So this is even better, even wilder. The tracks in this compilation are remastered from the original vinyl records supplied by die hard collectors.
1-Adnan Othman - Revolusi
2-The Rollies - Menari A Go Go
3-Dara Puspita - Pest Pak Lurah
4-The Rhythm Boys & Adnan Othman - Mari Ka Laut
5-Koes Bersaudara - To The So Called "The Guilties"
6-The Swallows - La Obe
7-Adnan Othman - Tumpas
8-The Singers - Land Of 1000 Dances
9-Diah Iskandar - In My Room.
1-The Hooks - Dendang Remaja
2-Adnan Othman - SaUnta
3-Benjamin S - Maling
4-The Rhythm Boys & Adnan Othman - Berlenggang
5-The White Waves - Skinnie Minnie
6-Trio Visca - Mari Bergembira
7-The Singers - Tak Mau
8-The Rhythm Boys & Adnan Othman - Budi Bahasa
9-The Peels - Modjang Priangan.