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future world funk presents urban brazil

150 SEK
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Don't know how these guys do it, but they have found another tranche of gems. Future World Funk run a series of successful club nights in London...I never get to see them because I live in the North...but Russ Jones, one half of FWF, regularly plays WOMAD and The Big Chill...and it is always a delight to drop in on his sets. They are always an uplifting world-dancefloor-tour-in-two-hours and you always leave smiling.
As the title suggests, we are confined to Brazil for this collection, but that is the only limitation, because they still manage to cover a lot of ground here.
We open with cool Brazilian Hip Hop from Bid & Chico Science, which reminds me of some of the more laid back sophisticated French stuff...groovy. Coco Nutz Mass by Botecoeletro is an absolutely amazing tune with a driving bassline and surreal brass really is worth the cost of the CD on it's own. Drumagik's offering is another goodie, somehow managing to cross Bossa Nova with Drum n Bass (impossible surely!). Thaide & DJ Hum sample Easy Boom and turn it into a driving rap tune. Joao Parahyba's Piraquara is a highly unusual samba based beast. We have a feel good sun-drenched anthem from Antônio Luiz Junior. I could imagine Danny Tenaglia opening a tribal set with DJ Dolores' Catimbo...darkly atmospheric and drum-led.
Good lord, this really is a no-brainer for latin fans of the leftfield dance persuasion. ****1/2