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future sounds of buenos aires

169 SEK
IMITED VINYL EDITION. Pioneering Argentinian label ZZK Records release their scene defining compilation 'Future Sound Of Buenos Aires' on 5th November. Rural South-American-styles fuse with electronic futurism on this stunning snap shot of the burgeoning experimental electronic scene that has emerged in Buenos Aires over recent years. The wild 8-bit cumbia bass of Super Guachin and crisp snares of the outlandish Frikstailers sit alongside Tremor's glitchy and futuristic take on Andean folklore. Other artists that feature include El Remolón, a psychiatrist turned musician, and La Yegros, partner of fellow ZZK artist King Coya, and the label's first female signing. Buenos Aires may mean cosmopolitanism, tango and slabs of beef to most people, but this is a city whose cultural life extends way beyond the usual tourist signifiers. It has become the home for a group of musicians linking traditional South American styles with the digital instrumentation and global reach of modern dance artists, to create a raucous, boundary-pushing electronic music– and ZZK Records is at the heart of it all. The rest of the world has already begun to take note with artists such as El Guincho and the Gotan Project calling on ZZK artists to remix their tracks. Not just confined to the studio ZZK and their artists relentless touring schedule has seen them play over 150 shows in 70 different cities as well as shows at some of the more prestigious international festivals. "A wildly inventive collection of Argentine music that's as funky and of-the-moment as any instrumental electronic dance music being made right now." – LA Times