Larrys Corner

beat jazz 2 lp

229 SEK
Released after volume one was, as the saying goes, real real gone. Nonetheless a fingersnappin' set of goatee growers, bent bop tunes, slang poetry & crazy cookin' cats that're really on the stick. They're all here: Dexter Gordon's rival Wardell Gray (who improvised the melody that later became Annie Ross' 'Twisted'), lip-flapper Babs Gonzales (who wrote the song 'Oop Pop a Da' for Dizzy Gillespie), Nat Cole's slicker-n-shit guitarist Oscar Moore, psychiatry-lounge singer Katie Lee, Chicago-pianist-turned-sound-effects-freak Mel Henke. Tracklisting: Buddy Collette-Jungle Pipe, Kenyon Hopkins-Let Me Out, Amus Moore-The Hip Men, Wardell Greay-5 Star, Young Tiger-Calypso Be, Babs Gonzales-Lullaby of the Doomed, Muhamed Habeebalah-Sneaking, Ernie Andrews-Green Gin, Oscar Moore-Kenya, Early Zell-Aunt Woo Wa, Katie Lee-Sick Sounds, John Lewis Trio & Millie-Snake Hips, Bing Day-Mama's Place, Maxwell H Brock-Bucket of Blood, Joya Sherril-Desdemona's Lament, Mel Henke-Shock Treatment.