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balani show super hits....electronic street parties from mali

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Electronic Street Parties From Mali'. Compilation of popular modern electro music from Mali. High energy jams from "Balani Show" sound systems. A collage of cut up balafons and djembes over Kuduro and Coup Decal rhythms - interspersed with samples of drums, bells, and whistles. Heavy dance tracks from some of the top names in Balani Show, a sampling of a music with over a decade of hits from early musicians like DJ Bamanan and DJ Balani to the contemporary stars like Kaba Blon and Supreme Talent Show (both whose tracks were produced by the Sidiki Diabate, son of the legendary Toumani Diabate).
01 DJ Balani - Bala
02 Kaba Blon - Furu Djougou
03 DJ Bamanan - Goni Bala
04 Meleke et MC - Tassaba
05 DJ Bamanan - Gnoukobala
06 Kaba Blon - Dekou Dekou
07 DJ Sandji - Bacoungana
08 Adama Yalomba - Bozo
09 Mamelon - Koumba Frifri
10 DJ Balani - Balani Sanga.